Machines focussing on the package

Over the years, the number of different packaging means has increased enormously. At Schut Systems we are ideally prepared for this. We offer a standard range of packaging machines. These machines are adapted to your specific needs by our team of highly trained engineers.

Our extensive know-how in the field of carton designs and packaging machines is a major advantage. Our packaging solutions focus not only on the machine itself but also on (special) tooling or even on adapting a carton design. We can therefore often provide the ideal solution. To sum up: machines focussing on the package.




25 Oct Party carton
The carton has some remarkable aspects and was winner in the Procarton Carton Award 2013. The shape of the carton is not rectangular but tapers towards the top.

07 Aug Economical approach to cartoning
Low speed horizontal cartoning machines without any extras. This is the strength of those compact machines.

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